NC House Republicans affirmed our commitment to the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and the rights afforded to all North Carolinians to keep and bear arms. House Republicans believe law-abiding North Carolinians take the individual responsibility of bearing arms seriously and we support their ability to protect themselves and their families.

House Bill 746 provides an accountable and responsible approach that balances the public safety concerns and the Constitutional protections afforded to you, the individual, by the U.S. Constitution. Contrary to the utterly misleading news stories by the liberal media and blatant misinformation campaign spearheaded by opponents, we hope to set the record straight.

The Facts:

  • Streamlines and clarifies existing law.
  • Brings parity for law-abiding citizens to be able to carry in a practical manner.
  • Makes no changes to the current Concealed Handgun Permit Law
  • Does not expand where an individual can open carry without a permit nor change prohibited person laws or any law governing the misuse of a firearm, or when force may be used in the defense of self or others.
  • Strengthens accountability and safeguards to protect the public by ensuring a second follow up on the receipt of mental health records if not received by the Sheriff so that no one falls through the cracks.

As we promised, we will always stand up for individual liberties and ensure your constitutional rights are protected in North Carolina.

One of the biggest outright lies being promulgated by the anti-gun activist is that Republican House lawmakers are trying again to repeal the state's requirement for a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed handgun in most cases.

FACT: HB 746 makes no changes to the current Concealed Carry Permit law. The CCP system remains in place, with no changes to how one qualifies for it or how these permits are issued.

North Carolina citizens MUST have a concealed-carry permit to carry concealed in the following places:

  • Premises where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed unless the premises is posted to prohibit the possession or carrying of firearms. Of course, the permittee may not consume any alcohol while carrying.
  • Premises where a fee is charged for admission unless the premises is posted to prohibit the possession or carrying of firearms. (For example, fairs/festivals, sporting events, museums, concerts, bars/nightclubs)
  • Parades and funerals unless the area is posted to prohibit the possession or carrying of firearms.
  • Grounds or waters of a park within the State Park System.

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