Cooper Buying Elections

Distorting the Facts

Roy Cooper and his leftist allies and the media are at it again, because their liberal policies just don't resonate with the voters of North Carolina.  Out of desperation, they have distorted our record to help Democrats raise millions of dollars from anonymous, out-of-state liberal elites to influence our elections. 


Since spreading misinformation seems to be the name of their game, we need your help now more than ever. 

Earlier this year, we passed a commonsense, responsible budget - a budget that garnered bipartisan support. 


Roy Cooper's response?


Like clockwork, the leftist media pushed Cooper's distorted version of the "truth," even writing misleading pieces - all to corroborate their extreme liberal agenda.


Here at the FACTS to combat their DISTORTIONS.

  • More North Carolinians are going to work than ever before - unemployment has decreased significantly to 4.1% (under the national average);
  • More jobs are being created, beating the national average;
  • Graduation rates are the highest in state history; and 
  • 99% of taxpayers are paying less or no state personal incomes taxes at all.

We need your help.

Roy Cooper has become the liberal elite's political sweetheart and they know his re-election chances become more difficult as our efforts to continue to make North Carolina a great state to live, work, and play succeed.

They will double down on their distortions and pour millions to defeat Republicans. 

Will you help us combat the liberal lies?

We need your support. With your support, we can combat the lies of the left and make sure the voters know the truth about our accomplishments.

Will you stand with us and donate today?

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