Rep. Greg Murphy Explains the STOP Act

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Protecting North Carolinians, Combating the Opioid Epidemic

In 2015, more than 1,400 of our fellow North Carolinians died because of a deadly epidemic sweeping the nation and...
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Roy Cooper's Misleading Tax Claim

Governor Roy Cooper and his liberal allies have blatantly misled the voters of North Carolina since 2013. In 2013, a...
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NC Economic Accolades Because of Tax Reform

North Carolina’s economy is expanding rapidly after Republicans in the state General Assembly cut billions in personal income and business...
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The Facts: Democrats vs. Republicans on NC Taxes

Since 2011, NC House Republicans have delivered on our promise to foster an economic landscape that grows our economy and... Read more
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New Energy Law to Protect Customers, Power Economy in North Carolina

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Roy Cooper's Claims Are False

The North Carolina General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division released a new memo that strongly disproves the misleading claims from Governor...
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North Carolina One of 12 States With Unanimous “AAA” Bond Rating by Major Agencies

North Carolina’s financial stability in 2017 stands in stark contrast to 2011, when Republicans gained control of the state General...
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House Fulfills Job Growth Agenda, Adjourns

The North Carolina House of Representatives adjourned the 2017 long legislative session of the state General Assembly on Friday after...
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Disaster Recovery Act of 2017 Approved by North Carolina House

The state House of Representatives voted unanimously Wednesday to direct $100 million of disaster recovery funds in the state budget...
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