Today, Governor Roy Cooper snubbed existing North Carolina businesses, the job creation engine of North Carolina, to pick winners and losers by demanding more tax dollars for corporate recruiting.

“Cooper spokesman Ford Porter criticized the plan because he said it does not spend enough on public education and recruiting company and agrees on a tax plan with more “giveaways” to corporations…”

Instead of endorsing and signing a budget that offers income tax relief for existing North Carolina businesses, he vetoed a bipartisan budget demanding more money to recruit new companies. Some might question whether the Governor wants to use tax dollars to fund ribbon-cutting for himself in hopes of bolstering his re-election campaign.

Why does Governor Cooper favor new companies by offering “corporate tax giveaways” over existing North Carolina’s businesses that have been an integral part of our robust economy by investing and creating jobs? Do those existing businesses that have spurred our economy not deserve tax relief?

Lastly, the political doublespeak marks the breaking of a campaign promise by Governor Roy Cooper.