The North Carolina House of Representatives adjourned the 2017 long legislative session of the state General Assembly on Friday after enacting a historic state budget, providing more middle-class tax relief and fulfilling a job growth agenda that has produced record savings, revenue surpluses and rapid economic growth.

“We’re here to help North Carolina’s economy grow by being good stewards of public dollars, offering students an excellent education system and providing middle-class tax relief wherever we can,” said House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland). “The House agenda is focused on the prosperity of our people – North Carolina natives and new arrivals alike – and making the tough choices and key reforms necessary to improve state government and secure a successful future for our citizens.”

“Thanks to the hard work of the Republican-led General Assembly, North Carolina families can have confidence that they live in one of the best states to build a high quality of life – one with sound financial footing, low taxes and record savings that prepare us for emergencies. Republicans’ pro-growth tax relief, education investments and economic reforms allow small businesses to invest with the assurance that North Carolina offers a well-trained workforce and top-tier opportunities for job creation.”

“I appreciate the hard work of every House member this session, all the legislative staff and each citizen of North Carolina who we are so proud to serve statewide.”


  • Directed disaster relief funds to regions hit by Hurricane Matthew, tropical storms, and wildfires.
  • Cut taxes for low-income and middle-class families by increasing the zero tax bracket and lowering the income tax rate for every North Carolinian, removing 95,000 working people from any state income tax liability.
  • Passed opioid crisis legislation and appropriated $10 million toward statewide programs for substance abuse treatment and recovery programs.
  • Saved energy ratepayers millions through comprehensive energy solutions legislation that encourages diverse power sources while protecting consumers through competition and free market reforms.
  • Passed a fourth consecutive teacher pay raise that provides an average 9.6 percent increase over two years, and raised principal pay as well.
  • Saved a record $1.8 billion rainy day reserve fund, the highest total dollar amount and percentage of the state budget in North Carolina history.
  • Provided state employee raises and bonuses and funded a cost-of-living adjustment for state retirees.
  • Increased public education spending by $700 million over two years, fully funded classroom enrollment growth, supported new school construction and provided incentives to attract teachers through a new N.C. Teaching Fellows program, Teach for America, Salary Supplements for Highly Qualified Graduates and a Teacher Assistant Tuition Reimbursement Program.
  • Increased funding for the Strategic Transportation Investments Program (STIP) by over $320 million over two years, generating 100 new highway projects over a 10-year period, and appropriating $241 million for structurally deficient bridges, $100 million for immediate construction needs and millions more to reduce congestion, increase road mobility and ensure safety.
  • Guaranteed $500 tuition per semester at three North Carolina universities through the N.C. Promise Program, making higher education more affordable and accessible to thousands of in-state students.
  • Continued reforming bad regulations by simplifying, consolidating and eliminating unnecessary rules and reporting requirements on local governments, agencies, businesses, and individuals to cut through red tape and encourage job creation and economic expansion.
  • Added more than 3,500 Pre-K slots and eliminated 75 percent of the waitlist for at-risk children.