For too long Democrats decided their education policy based on the whims of teachers’ unions and unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.  These policies left our children woefully under-educated and struggling to succeed in life.

We believe education should be measured by the success of our children.

House Republicans shook up the education system.  We aim to make the education of our children top priority and to empower parents to have more say in their child’s education.  We believe that allowing parents to have a choice in their children’s education is vital as no one understands the needs of their child better than their parents.

House Republicans transformed our education system to ensure that every student willing to work hard has the path to success. To do so, we have enacted a performance pay that rewards our very best educators, provided opportunity scholarships for disabled students and those in schools that are not meeting their educational needs, and lifted the cap on the number of charter schools to allow innovation and modernization in our education system.  Most importantly, we have prioritized programs to guarantee that all students can read competently in the early part of their educational journey.

We truly value the dedication to our children demonstrated by our teachers.  Contrary to the propaganda perpetrated by out-of-state labor unions and Democrats, we gave teachers their first significant raise in years – 7% or more than $3,300 per teacher.  By 2017, our dedication to our teachers was illustrated as we had increased teacher pay faster than any other state in the US since 2014. We will continue to reward teachers for their hard work in educating our next generation.

Simply put, we have put more money directly into the classrooms to ensure it is benefiting your children.