Roy Cooper’s Misleading Tax Claim

Governor Roy Cooper and his liberal allies have blatantly misled the voters of North Carolina since 2013. In 2013, a nefarious dark-money group called America Votes called for liberals to “cripple” Republican leaders. Within the memo, there was a poll-tested talking point for Democrats to use in an attempt to draw populist ire against common sense tax reforms meant to give more taxpayer their hard-earned money back.

More recently, Governor Cooper and his spin shop resorted to some very misleading numbers to attack the budget that offered tax relief for 99% of North Carolinians. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and the “fact checkers” never touched the claim. They let it stand without the least bit of scrutiny. Is it because they are liberal lapdogs for Governor Cooper or is it the fact they do not understand how taxes work enough to challenge the Governor’s claim? Guess we will never know.

Luckily, the intelligent folks at the Carolina Journal dove into Governor Cooper’s false claims and took him to task for his misleading statistics.


Unfortunately for unsuspecting North Carolina voters, this is not the first time that Governor Cooper has been caught. Our research shows that Governor Cooper has broken a major campaign promise to middle-class voters.

On the campaign trail, Roy Cooper admonished “cooperate tax giveaways.”

Corporate giveaways and tax cuts for the wealthiest come at a high cost for middle-class families.

Governor Cooper and his Department of Commerce continue to hand out millions of dollars in tax incentives to corporations willing to move or expand in North Carolina.

Now that he is the Governor, Roy Cooper likes when “corporate tax giveaways” can be used to help him raise his polling numbers and allow him to cut ribbons.

So what does this mean? It means Roy Cooper enjoys the power to choose winners and losers by picking which businesses get middle-class taxpayer funded “corporate handouts,” but deny the thousands of existing and dedicated businesses tax relief.

Again, the mainstream media and the “fact checkers” refuse to ask the Governor about his hypocrisy.