Cheers to cutting burdensome government regulations and red tape

Ever wondered what Republicans mean when they campaign on cutting burdensome regulations and bureaucratic red tape?

Here is an excellent example of how Republicans are working on your behalf to promote the free market and allow small businesses to thrive by cutting government red tape.

Is Hardister dogs’ best friend? ‘It should be up to taprooms to decide whether to allow pets inside their facility,’ he says, filing new bill

The dog days could continue unabated at Joymongers Brewing Co. in Greensboro and other breweries in North Carolina under a bill unveiled Friday by state Rep. Jon Hardister.

Hardister, R-Guilford, is co-sponsoring legislation that would put breweries that have taprooms on a par with wineries when it comes to state health laws governing whether pets can be present in tasting rooms.

“It should be up to taprooms to decide whether or not they want to allow pets inside their facility,” Hardister said.

Joymongers, on North Eugene Street in Greensboro, recently ran afoul of Guilford County health inspectors who determined that its policy of allowing dogs to accompany their beer-sipping owners inside violated state health laws banning critters from food service areas.

Hardister said in a news release Friday afternoon that he had worked with the Guilford County Health Department, state health officials and the Craft Brewers Guild in fermenting the bill.

“If a taproom serves drinks but does not prepare food, then they should not be subjected to the same standards as a restaurant,” Hardister said in the news release.

He said it comes down to “promoting the free market and allowing business owners to do what is best for their customers.”

And their customers’ canine buddies.

Rep. Jon Hardister and his fellow Republicans will continue to promote the free market and end burdensome regulations on small business owners and our citizens.