Cooperation and protection over political grandstanding

Numerous North Carolina Sheriffs are risking public safety by engaging in political grandstanding. These “Sanctuary Sheriffs” are refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials when dealing with illegal immigrants who are already incarcerated for being charged with a crime.

State Representatives Destin Hall (R-Caldwell), Brenden Jones (R-Columbus), Jason Saine (R-Lincoln), and Rep. Carson Smith (R-Pender) sponsored legislation filed to protect North Carolinians from these political stunts.

House Bill 370 Require Sheriff Cooperation with ICE requires county sheriffs in North Carolina to honor and fulfill detainer requests from the federal government for illegal immigrants who are already incarcerated for being charged with a crime

This legislation requires sheriffs’ offices to track and report the number of queries they make to federal officials under its provisions and provides a mechanism for private citizens to hold their elected Sheriffs accountable in the enforcement of federal immigration law.

“Several sheriffs in North Carolina aren’t communicating with their fellow law enforcement officers about the detention of illegal immigrants accused of crimes. These sheriffs are putting politics ahead of public safety. Their failure to cooperate with immigration officials only puts more innocent people and officers in harm’s way.”

Rep. Destin Hall

“This is commonsense legislation that shouldn’t have to be filed. This is about upholding the rule of law that North Carolina sheriffs swear an oath to defend, instead of making public safety political at great risk to the people of this state.”

Rep. Brenden Jones

“North Carolinians need to know that their elected law enforcement officials intend to uphold the law and that they are always vigilant in protecting their rights. By ignoring our nation’s laws, they fail in doing just that.”

Rep. Jason Saine

“When we know a criminal and illegal immigrant, charged with breaking North Carolina law, is in the custody of officers, to actively prevent their arrest by federal law enforcement officers puts innocent people at risk.”

Rep. Carson Smith, who served as the Sheriff of Pender County for 16 years.