Results vs. Rhetoric: Gov. Cooper’s Team Gets It Wrong

From record unemployment to countless magazines naming North Carolina as one of the best places to work and live, every day we see the proof that Republican-led tax reform are working.

Yesterday, we saw even more evidence that our policies are working.

“Extraordinary growth” in year-over-year final tax payments during April means the state ultimately may collect over $700 million above what budget-writers projected last summer to pay for the current year’s budget, General Assembly economist Barry Boardman told legislative leaders. Collections usually pegged to the April 15 tax deadline are historically considered the most unpredictable.

Source: Gary Robertson, AP News

Just two years ago Governor Cooper’s office had this to say:

Thus, the tax structure as enacted in this budget will, in just two years, leave North Carolina unable to meet the same level of service as is delivered to citizens today. Conservatively, we anticipate this budget would blow a $600 million hole just to meet current service levels.

Source: Office of State Budget and Management

While Gov. Cooper’s team insist that our policies would bankrupt the state, the truth is North Carolina’s economy has never been stronger thanks to our conservative fiscal policies.