Meaningful Education Reforms, Meaningful Results

A decade ago Democratic leadership’s shell game of robbing Peter to pay Paul left regular North Carolinians on the hook for their mistakes. Educators were furloughed, teacher pay was frozen, and school construction ground to a halt.

Ten years later House Republican leadership’s responsible budgeting and planning has improved our education system for both students and teachers.

Tax reform has also made North Carolina a more affordable place to live, and WalletHub’s latest rankings show North Carolina has moved up 21 spots in their list of best states for teachers. According to WalletHub’s list, North Carolina is one of the very best states in the southeast for teachers to live.

House Republicans have passed teacher raises every year since 2013, making North Carolina one of the fastest rising states for teacher pay in the country. Unfortunately, Gov. Cooper’s veto of the 2019-2020 budget has endangered further pay increases for educators as well as $1.5 billion for school construction and infrastructure funding.

House Republicans will continue to fight for increased funding for schools, despite Gov. Cooper’s repeated attempts to block these funds.