Another Harmful Veto from Governor No

Since 2011 Republican leadership has made it a priority to let individuals thrive. From cutting taxes to cutting red tape, House Republicans have delivered on that promise.

Senate Bill 553, the Regulatory Reform Act of 2019, continues the Republican commitment to improving communities throughout the state.

Like clockwork, when House Republicans introduce measures to make day-to-day living easier for those in need, the same tired liberal talking points emerge, ignoring the reality of these needed reforms: everyday North Carolinians benefit when government gets out of the way.

Unfortunately, Gov. Cooper and House Democrats fail to see the lives they are negatively impacting through their obstruction.

Gov. Cooper’s veto message of the Regulatory Reform Act says allowing trash receptacles in hallways poses a danger to residents. The reality is much different. Not only is there no evidence that valet trash services have endangered lives or caused fires, the Governor’s veto harms some of the most vulnerable North Carolinians. Valet trash services most benefit the elderly and disabled, who are often unable to dispose of their own trash.

Gov. Cooper’s blind insistence to oppose and obstruct any legislation that reduces the size of government puts those folks at risk.