OUCH: Top Democrat Agrees With Donald Trump! Roy Cooper Is Failing North Carolinians

On Tuesday the North Carolina House of Representatives discussed Senate Bill 599, a bill that would allow small businesses to safely reopen that Gov. Cooper has kept closed.

During the debate, Rep. Graig Meyer (D-Orange) voiced his serious concerns with the state’s handling of COVID-19. “As a state, we’re failing to adequately trace the virus,” said Meyer, one of the House’s top Democrats.

Just last week a report came out that President Trump’s COVID-19 Task Force had called Gov. Cooper’s administration to ask why they were lagging behind.

From WBTV:

“Dr. Birx was alarmed and concerned about the continued trend of cases going up in North Carolina… Dr. Birx specifically said, specifically said, that it had nothing to do with reopening. That it’s a flaw that North Carolina has had since day one of the pandemic; that something is going on in the state that they are not attending to.”

From being a “slow spender” of hurricane relief funding to failing to adequately manage the COVID-19 crisis, Gov. Cooper has continued to fail North Carolinians.