All N.C. Schools Should Safely Reopen to Offer In-Person Instruction, House Speaker Tim Moore Says Tuesday

State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) released a statement Tuesday urging all North Carolina school systems to safely reopen to offer in-person student instruction this semester.

Legislation and funding to support reopening schools, protests by parents, and expert studies showing in-person instruction is safe and vital for student development, all demonstrate the need to get students back in the classroom , Moore said Tuesday.

Strong state and federal funding is available to support safe reopenings, Moore also noted. The North Carolina legislature “held harmless” school system budget allocations notwithstanding expected enrollment drops, and billions of dollars of federal relief has been directed to benefit local education agencies.

“I join parents, experts, and elected officials across North Carolina urging every school district to use strong sources of available funding to reopen for in-person student instruction this semester for every family who wants it.

Student achievement has suffered long enough, and it is time for school districts to begin preparing robust opportunities for in-person remedial instruction now and over the summer. The massive learning loss of the last year must end now. The most vulnerable young people in our state desperately need a return to productive education communities that shape their development as individuals, and I urge every school district to safely offer in-person instruction this semester.”