Billions in COVID Relief Unanimously Passed by House

The North Carolina House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation this morning to meet critical needs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

From Speaker Moore’s press release:

Senior House Appropriations Committee Co- Chairs Jason Saine (R-Lincoln), Dean Arp (R-Union), and Donny Lambeth (R-Forsyth) released a joint statement:

“The General Assembly is delivering additional relief as soon as possible through bipartisan legislation that ensures state and federal funding reaches North Carolina communities now, and we will maintain this commitment to a strong recovery this session.”

Speaker Moore also stated:

“Powerful education funding in this bill will help students safely return to the classroom and receive robust summer learning opportunities to overcome the challenges of the last year and realize their highest academic and career potentials. 

“This legislation represents a strong beginning to another successful session delivering on our promises to serve North Carolinians in need, and I appreciate the bipartisan work of my General Assembly colleagues to accomplish this important step for families and businesses who are hurting.”

Highlights of the legislation are below: