Former Firefighters Advocating for Support for Firefighters in NCGA

Rep. Mike Clampitt and Rep. Jason Saine are both former firefighters, now advocating for their former colleagues in the NCGA House.

Rep. Saine, along with Rep. Destin Hall, Rep. John Bell, and Rep. Jon Hardister, is the primary sponsor of House Bill 535, which would provide further financial support for firefighters who receive a cancer diagnosis. Firefighters are at higher risk of receiving a cancer diagnosis than the rest of the population, and the NC House Republican leadership has made it a priority to support them.

Rep. Saine told WCNC Charlotte, “It certainly doesn’t replace a family member, but it is something the legislature believes is important and something we want to do for our firefighters.”

Rep. Clampitt spent 27 years as a firefighter, including becoming the youngest fire captain in Charlotte history at the time of his promotion.

Rep. Clampitt has taken the same values of teamwork and camaraderie from the firehouse to the state house, becoming known for providing meals for colleagues and working with new members on legislation.

Rep. Mike Clampitt during his time as a firefighter
Rep. Jason Saine with East Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department