Rep. Raymond Smith Continues a Decade of Danger for Students

Following four successive bad safety reports, Rep. Raymond Smith was fired from his position as Wayne County Public School System Director of Transportation in May 2014. From unaddressed fire hazards on school buses to damaged seats and doors, Rep. Smith’s failure to keep students safe was comprehensive in scope, for which he was fired.

Now in the North Carolina General Assembly House of Representatives, Rep. Smith continues to put children in danger. Rep. Smith voted against House Bill 657, which provides for school safety requirements to be applied to all public schools and that threat assessment teams be established at each public school.

North Carolina Republican House Caucus Director Stephen Wiley said, “Rep. Raymond Smith has demonstrated for a decade his blatant disregard for the safety of students. He was rightly fired by Wayne County Schools for failing to protect students, and voters should ask Rep. Smith why he voted against a widely bipartisan bill that provides further safety for our students.”