Governor Cooper Vetoes Bill To Push Primaries in Light of Ongoing Redistricting Cases

Today, Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 605, an act to “Set the date for the 2022 date for the 2022 primary as June 7, 2022; to allow the State Board of Elections to issue temporary rules for conducting the 2022 primaries and elections…” According to the State Board of Elections, districts must be finalized by the week of February 14, just 12 days after the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in redistricting cases. This would give the courts a few days to make their decision before that deadline and would give the General Assembly little time to draw new maps if required. North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore said, “House Bill 605 is a reasonable measure taken by the legislature to ensure a thorough and constitutional process. Unfortunately Governor Cooper’s veto undermines that process in the name of politics.” He continued, “Furthermore, during his time as Senate Redistricting Chair, Cooper presided over some of the most tortured and gerrymandered maps in state history. Now, he wants to sow chaos and confusion in the hopes that the Supreme Court will usurp the constitutional duty of the General Assembly to the benefit of his Democrat allies.”