NC House Will Appeal Trial Court Ruling in Redistricting Case

Today a three-judge panel ruled that while the legislature’s state house and state senate maps will be upheld by the court, the remedial congressional map drawn by the legislature must be tossed out and replaced with a congressional map drawn in an unknown, black-box manner. The three-judge panel has changed our congressional map from one of the most competitive to one of the least competitive congressional maps in the country. North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Today’s ruling is nothing short of egregious. The trial court’s decision to impose a map drawn by anyone other than the legislature is simply unconstitutional and an affront to every North Carolina voter whose representation would be determined by unelected, partisan activists.” He continued, “Let me clear: this court has effectively taken a hammer to our state constitution and the rule of law, and I will appeal this ruling with respect to the congressional map immediately on behalf of the voters.”