NCGA Files Application for Stay from the NC Supreme Court

Today, attorneys for the North Carolina General Assembly filed with the United States Supreme Court an Emergency Application for Stay of the rulings of the State Supreme Court and the three-judge panel. NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The United States Constitution is clear – state legislatures, not state judges, are responsible for setting the rules governing elections. By striking the General Assembly’s congressional map and redrawing their own, with the help of Democrat partisans, the courts have, once again, violated the separation of powers. This effort to circumvent the elected representatives of the people will not stand.” He continued, “Furthermore, this coordinated effort is funded by Eric Holder and led by disgraced Democrat operative Marc Elias, who have no business in interfering in our elections. I will pursue all legal means to ensure that North Carolina’s elections are decided by North Carolinians and that the constitution and rule of law are followed.”