House Republicans Lead the Way on Conservation

 Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated globally to show support for the environment and how we can protect our planet.

North Carolina is a state known for its natural beauty. House Republican legislators have been working to preserve and showcase the beauty of our state, such as Rep. Hugh Blackwell and the Fonta Flora Trail. In summer of 2021, Rep Blackwell was named Public Lands Conservationist of the Year by NCWF. Rep Blackwell introduced legislation in the 2015-16 session that would add the Fontana Floral Loop Trail in Burke County to the State Parks System and it was signed into law.

The 2021-22 State Budget includes significant funding for that was passed, it includes monumental funding for North Carolina’s conservation trust funds. In total the budget includes over $300 million for new funding over the biennium. The funds will help fund new parks, greenways, and other spaces that serve as the infrastructure for the state’s outdoor recreation industry.

“We know that our trails and greenways are highly valued by North Carolinians all over the state, from all walks of life,” said Rep. Dean Arp, Senior Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. “By investing in these recreational green spaces, we are not only being good stewards of the environment, but also of taxpayer dollars.