Fake News and Liberal Lies

For months Gov. Roy Cooper and House Democrats refused to negotiate with Republican leaders on Gov. Cooper’s veto of the 2019-20 state budget.

Speaker Tim Moore made clear if Gov. Cooper refused to negotiate, he would work with any Democrats willing to put their districts ahead of their party, and override Gov. Cooper’s veto of a fiscally sound budget.

When House Democrats failed to show up one morning, enough votes to override the veto were present on the floor, and the House acted.

Since then Gov. Cooper, Rep. Deb Butler, and the liberal allies in the media have pushed a false narrative and attacked House Republican leadership for following through on what they promised: to pass a responsible budget.

“Democrats were told there would be no votes this morning. That was a bald-faced lie.”

Gov. Roy Cooper

The Truth: Two public announcements were made that there would be recorded votes on Wednesday.

In fact, two separate public announcements were made the day before regarding votes on September 11th.

“It will be the chair’s desire to strike the referral to the Committee on Rules and place this bill on the House calendar pursuant to rule 36(b) for tomorrow.”

 Rep. David Lewis, while presiding over House session on Tuesday, September 10th.