Rachel Hunt is a featured candidate for Future Now 2020 and signed their radical pledge to defund the police.

“Reappropriate” Police Funds.

Take Away Police Equipment.

Swept in on a green wave of her dad’s money, North Carolina’s most privileged legislator is up for election again this November.

Daddy’s War Chest

Entering the final stretch of the 2018 campaign, Rachel Hunt needed a boost. Who better to help than Daddy dearest? Former Governor Jim Hunt wrote a check to the NC Democratic Party for $300,000. This would turn out to be a very similar amount to the $304,000 TV buy that his daughter made the same week. In North Carolina the maximum donation an individual can make to a campaign in a general election is $5400. But for Governor Hunt’s daughter, that just wouldn’t do. That’s why he funneled the money needed for a crucial ad buy to the NC Democratic Party in a money launder that would make even El Chapo and Pablo Escobar Blush.

School Consultant to the Wealthy

For the cool price of $100 – $300 an hour Rachel Hunt will tell wealthy white families moving to Charlotte how to avoid their children being sent to schools they don’t like. Wealthy white liberals only like school choice if they can profit off of it!
With her entire business model based around confusion and complexity of school systems, Rachel Hunt voted against simplifying the education system.

Says Middle Class Man is Wealthy and Out Of Touch, then Goes to Martha’s Vineyard with her Fashion Designer Friend

In 2018, Rachel Hunt’s closing argument was to paint her opponent, Bill Brawley as out of touch. She said he didn’t represent the people of district 103 and their values. While Bill Brawley drives the same old Taurus and wears the same off the rack blazers he’s always had, Rep. Hunt had time to take a quick trip up to Martha’s Vineyard for a “Ditch Mitch” PAC fundraiser, posing with her friend who’s cheapest piece of designer clothing is a mere $95. Those designers clothes aren’t going to pay for themselves, so it’s a good thing Rachel Hunt has her dad and all of those wealthy, white liberals afraid of their children being near poor students to keep her bank account full.

Rachel Hunt made her extreme views on abortion apparent right away, reading off a speech written by her father and emailed to her:

Rep. Rachel Hunt is endorsed by far-left groups like Emily’s List.

Rep. Rachel Hunt pictured with controversial former Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts.