Erin Paré

Deputy Conference Leader

District 37



As an entrepreneur and owner of two small businesses in southern Wake County, I understand the importance of policies that implement low taxes, job growth, a thriving economy, and responsible budget management.

As a mother, military spouse, and former PTA president, I understand the need for families to be supported through policies that bolster world-class education opportunities and school choice for families, as well as policies that solidify North Carolina as the most military friendly state in the nation.

As a community leader, founder and director of a local non-profit, and former leader of a Town Board, I know first-hand the importance of safe and secure communities, state funding to help construct needed roads to alleviate traffic congestion, and being engaged at the local community level.

I am proud to have delivered an unprecedented $32,500,000.00 in state funding for transportation and infrastructure solutions in District 37.

And as your Representative in the North Carolina State House, I will continue to fight for the people of District 37 and lead on smart policies that benefit the people of southern Wake County.