John Szoka

Conference Leader

District 45



A retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army, Representative John Szoka is once again serving his country - this time as a member of the North Carolina General Assembly. John is serving his second term representing North Carolina House District 45 which encompasses Fort Bragg and most of Cumberland County surrounding Fayetteville. Based on his strong record in the House during his freshman term, Representative Szoka ran unopposed in 2014. While the Army brought John and his family to Fayetteville, when he retired from active duty he choose to stay here and has lived in Fayetteville for twenty-two years. He has owned and operated several successful small businesses in Fayetteville. John and his wife Laurie have been married for over 30 years and their children, now grown, attended public elementary, middle and high schools in Cumberland County. Active in their church and their community, John is committed to leaving North Carolina a better place for our children and grandchildren. Representative Szoka was born in Ohio and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Engineering. He went on to earn a graduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Operations Research, a field combining mathematics and computer modeling, which is used for allocating resources and solving complex problems. In his first legislative term he served on seven committees: Agriculture; Appropriations; Banking; Commerce and Job Development; Health and Human Services; Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs (Vice-Chairman); and the Revenue Laws Study Committee. In his second legislative term, Speaker Moore appointed Rep. Szoka to chair the Finance Committee and to serve as Vice-Chairman of the Commerce and Job Development Committee. He also serves on the Banking Committee, the Education Committee on Community Colleges, the Committee on Health, the Committee on Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs, the Local Government Committee, and the powerful Rules Committee. Since 2012, he has worked to shape, promote, and hear in committee, common sense tax and economic policies. He was a primary sponsor of, and worked with the House and Senate teams to pass the Tax Simplification and Reduction Act of 2013, which reduced taxes for taxpayers and did away with dozens of corporate and individual tax loopholes that benefitted only a few. Job creation and economic development have been, and continue to be, his primary focus.