Timothy Reeder, MD

District 9



Dr. Tim Reeder is an emergency physician, educator, lifelong Republican, and conservative, running for North Carolina House of Representatives in Pitt County District 9. His dedication to serving and helping others has led him to bring his problem-solving abilities to support the citizens of Pitt County and North Carolina.

Dr. Reeder earned his medical degree from The Ohio State University before moving to North Carolina in 1998. While working full time for East Carolina University and the Brody School of Medicine, Dr. Reeder obtained his master's degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Through his leadership with the North Carolina Medical Society and the American Medical Association, Dr. Reeder has always had our best interests at heart. Now, he’s ready to do the same as our state representative.

Dr. Reeder believes in

A strong family
Policies that support entrepreneurism and a strong economy, with low taxes and regulations
Exceptional education and NO CRT
A health care system designed to improve health
Protecting the Second Amendment
Support for our police, firefighters, and paramedics.
As our state representative, he will remain a strong advocate for rural communities and commit himself to working with everyone to solve problems and improve North Carolina for all of us.