National Charter Schools Week

This week we celebrate National Charter Schools Week. School choice has become one of the most important decisions for a parent to make for their child, and parents want resources to be able to choose what school is best for their child. North Carolina is home to over 200 charter schools. The Charter School Act, which was passed in 1996, authorized the establishment of up to 100 charter schools. In the 2011 session thanks to Republican leadership, Senate Bill 8 was signed into law which removed the 100-school limit and limits on enrollment increases. In the state budget for 2021-22, $10.6 billion was allocated for public education and charter schools account for $9.1 million of the state education budget.

  “School choice empowers parents and families to decide what is best for their child’s education. No one is going to be more accountable to children than parents are.” Stated Representative Jon Hardister, Chairman of the Appropriations Education Committee.