House Republicans Honor Law Enforcement

  This week is National Police Week. This is a week to honor, remember, and support our law enforcement and pay homage to law enforcement who gave their lives in the line of duty. 

“Although I retired from law enforcement several years ago, my thoughts and prayers remain with those that continue to serve our communities.  It is during this special week that we remember the officers that lost their lives in service to protect others.  May they never be forgotten and their families remain in our prayers.” Stated Representative Reece Pyrtle who is a retired police chief.   

House Bill 436- Support Law Enforcement Mental Health was introduced by Dr. Kristin Baker. This bill requires psychological screenings of law enforcement officers prior to certification or employment as well as to educate law enforcement officers on maintaining good mental health. This bill passed in both chambers unanimously and was signed into law on 9/2/2021.“Law enforcement officers are often the first on the scene in any number of situations, from responding to reports of violence or wellness checks on someone in distress. House Bill 436 gives law enforcement officers the tools they need to take care of their own mental health in a high stress job.“ stated Dr. Baker.